How can I submit for the Family Photography contest?

  • Every month we have the contest, the submission deadline is at the latest day of the month
  • You can register or login to choose a subscription for the current month
  • Submission needs to be done in the ‘account’ menu
  • You can submit 1 free photo of choose a paid plan with up to 12 photos
  • We can only accept Family Photos (see exact details on your account page)

What is a Family Photo

It is all about a family heritage, show some great group photos or great stories

  • We need to see more than one family member
  • or one person/animal with a great family story in it
  • or nobody in it with a even more great family story in it

What is a Family Photographers Society Award

Our goal is to raise the bar for the whole Family Photography industry. We do this by advising for workshops, offering portfolio reviews and the photo contest.

We are only awarding the best photos, after being awarded your can use this award-photo for your marketing to give your customers even more trust. The award is well deserved and can’t be bought.

How do I know if my photos are submitted?

After submitting you will receive an email with confirmation.


The copyright stays at the photographer, we only place an Award logo on the photo. We place the photo on our Social Media and our website. We also try to get the awarded photos in online magazines and papers.

How can we contact you?

Just send us a mail on