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    The Family Photographers Society is a group of international portrait photographers, who capture, most of the time unscripted, family portraits. And excel in capturing moments lasting a lifetime.
    Photo by Mandie Highers

What is the Society about


Get awarded in our monthly photo contest and become “Family Photographer of the year”.

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We have learned how to become a better Photographer with resources all around the web. We have bundled them in the ‘Learning resources‘ page.

Members can submit photos for the ‘Portfolio review‘ to see how they can be even better!


Award winners get listed with their business profile to get found by families and Google.

Looking for a Photographer?

After our first Photo Contest (April 2018) we are going to list the best Family Photographers around the World. Our goal is to raise the bar for this beautiful form of photography which last for generations.
Photo by Sarah Garcia

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The photos on this site are optimised by JPEGmini, we use it to shrink all photos in size without quality loss. We Love to have them as sponsor.

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